Web Photos


WebPhotos provides an easy way to download photos or share photos with your friends from your iPhones photo album by using your browser.

  • WebPhotos runs a small webserver on your iPhone that generates the webpage for you.
  • Start the server by touching the on/off switch on the screen.
  • Simply select an image by tapping on "Tap here" and enter the address shown on your iPhones screen into the location bar of your favorite webbrowser.
  • The photo you selected is now loading and you can enjoy it or show it to your friends.
  • Click on the "Download" button on the webpage to download the full size image to your computer.
  • Available in english, german, french and italian.

What you need for WebPhotos to work:
  • A Wifi network and you iPhone that has Wifi enabled and is connected to the network.
  • The computer with the webbrowser and your iPhone must be in the same network.

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Version History
  • 1.0
    Initial release.
  • 1.1
    iOS4 tested.
    Added multitasking capability. HTTP server keeps running if app is closed and the server was activated at that point.
    Minor improvements.
    Native iPad support.